Audit and Attestation

Do your financials require a high level of assurance to third parties? If so, we can perform an audit of your financial statements.

PHHW provides audit services to small and medium-sized private businesses and not-for-profit organizations and understands the true value that thorough and objective audit services can bring to an organization.

Audit services consist primarily of:

  • Examining financial statements
  • Testing of records and confirmation internally and externally of your financial data
  • Issuing our opinion on the presentation of your financial position and operating results
A corporate meeting reviewing charts in a presentation.

Through our constructive approach to accounting and auditing, we study each client’s business and are often able to serve as valuable and objective advisors. Our goals include helping our clients increase operational efficiency, identify potential problems before they arise, and improve profitability.

PHHW has been successful in establishing effective long-term working relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect.

Financial Reviews and Compilations

Our firm also performs reviews and compilations of historical financial statements for our clients. Both a review and a compilation are substantially less in scope than an audit performed in accordance with generally accepted audit standards, but they still provide financial statements representative of management.

A compilation only presents financial statements that are the representation of management.

A review presents the same representation, but analytical review, questioning of personnel and other procedures are performed on the financial statements enabling us to determine whether there is a substantial departure from that representation. Sometimes you may need agreed-upon procedures performed or other reporting services.

In these situations, we can examine, review, or apply agreed-upon procedures to subject matter or assertions about subject matter.

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