We serve the individual, with dedicated attention to each and every client.

Who We Serve

Our client industries range from small businesses and sole proprietorships to enterprise-level corporations, with industries all across the board. Our services are perfect for restaurants, healthcare, oil & gas enterprises, construction, farming, entertainment, non-profits, private schools, and everything else in between.

Our Team

Some of the brightest financial and accounting minds comprise our team here at PHHW. Each and every team member is trained and experienced in helping you achieve your financial and accounting goals. We have a passion for helping you so you can continue to grow your organization. Our team is about your success. That’s what drives us.

Who is PHHW

William P. Puryear began his certified public accounting practice in 1962 in what was known then as the Third National Bank building in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. He built his practice around auditing, personal financial planning, and tax. Within the next twenty years, three experienced professionals, James Hamilton, Jeffrey Hausman, and Ronald Wood joined William Puryear & Co. The firm is now Puryear, Hamilton, Hausman & Wood, PLC conveniently located in the Cool Springs area, and we continue in the same way we started: helping you grow.